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The Hidden Secrets for Understanding Women By Kent Merrell

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Instructions: “Wait, hold it!” you say, “a journal needs no instructions? It’s paper with lines. Every nincompoop knows that you pay a lot for some paper, bound into a cool looking cover so your friends think you’re a smarty pants when you drag it around with you.”

So is this a journal? Yes! Is it a notebook. Yes! Is it a lecture series? Yes! Is it a joke book? Yes! But too often the joke is on us men when we blunder oblivious through life. If nothing more, use this journal to work through some of your own oblivious male issues.

Of all the poignant, humorous, insightful, and clever things we read, hear, and think we understand about women; No insights will be more important to your sons than the ones you garner from your life experiences with their mother, not to mention your mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and even the girl next door.

Take notes! Take notes that can help your sons navigate the mysterious, magical and glorious creatures we call women. Its now up to you to share the hidden secrets you discover about the women you love, you tolerate, you honor, you fear and you cherish. Give your sons a head start.

Whether you fill every page, write a single sentence or a single word in this journal, the way you treat your son’s mother teaches them far more than your chicken scratches ever will.

So what kind of book is this? It’s the book you write!


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