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Get Me To Zero By Philip C. Gallant

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It is time to get off the crazy train of speculation, leave Disneyland, and get serious about planning your financial future. Now more than ever you need a well-informed, honest, independent advisor and author who will guide you and help you prosper in the days ahead. You need someone who will help you preserve the assets you have, insulate you from the Wall Street casino and give you an inflation hedge. 

Get Me to Zero is the result of hundreds of client conversations as well as observations about money that Phil Gallant has gained over a long career that he says is far from over. 

“I want to die in the saddle some day, just not someday soon!” he says with a chuckle.   What he has found is that the happiest, most contented, most worry free clients he has had over the years, be they wealthy in terms of assets, or just living a simple life, are those who no longer worry about Debt, Risk and Taxes.

“The folks I enjoy talking to most about money are not necessarily the multi-millionaires, it’s those who I consider to be contented with their ZERO lifestyle.  They owe no one.  They pay no income taxes in retirement, or very little, and they don’t need or want unnecessary risk with their money. That’s been my observation throughout more than 43 years in this industry. 

I know my mission!  It’s to help as many people get to that very same place in their own lives. And it’s about more than just the money part, it’s about having someone to talk to about all of it knowing you’re on the same page with the same goals,” says Phil.  

Get Me to Zero is a refreshing look back at some time tested money concepts that you may have forgotten all about, but were staples of the American way of life for decades.  Enjoy this look at how to get to Zero Debt, Zero Risk with your draw-down assets, and Zero (or as close as possible) taxes!

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