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Military Service in the Abbott Family by Kathleen C. Mays, Designed by Austin J. Record

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Paperback available now, Hardback available August 5th
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Researched, compiled, and written by Kathleen Cary Abbott Mays, designed by Austin James Record, and guided by Kent Merrell and J Remington Press, we present Military Service in the Abbott Family.

The production of this book began as a digital gift to our military buff, Christopher S. Abbott. Each military hero highlighted in this book is an ancestor or close relative of the children of Dale Cary and Janice Louise Philpott Abbott. Descendants of Lawrence Elnathon Abbott, Trula Marie Cary Abbott, Gerald Boone Philpott, and LaDonna Bringard Peck, may find profiles in this book particularly interesting.

Included in this book are highlights in the history of the US Navy aircraft carrier, USS Midway.

“She, our lady of the sea, was named after the significant Battle of Midway in June of 1942, only six months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.” page 2

Some profiles retain their silhouette with very few details to emphasize their service.

“At that time, in Prussia, all males that turned 18 years of age were compelled to serve in the King’s army for three years.” page 84

…while other profiles may reflect more information, which is more readily available.

"Petty Officer Abbott was discharged in San Diego, California on the 10th of November, 1974,” page 15


“He promoted up to 2nd Mechanic as a flight crew member on a JD-1D, a propeller-driven aircraft that launched target drones from under its wing..” page 28

The years our admirable protectors served range from 1643 to 2012. In this edition, the first printed edition, the profile names are Christopher Shawn Abbott, Neal Alan Abbott, Frank Wynn Bringard, Dale Cary Abbott, Lawrence Weston Abbott, Gerald Boone Philpott, Earl Clark Bringard, Samuel Bennett Abbott, Elisha W Franklin, Riley Garner Clark, John William Philpot, Frederick William Christoph Fuhrmeister (AKA Foremaster), Alvin Pope Barnaby, Stephen Straughn, James Abbott, Stephen Harding, John Franklin Jr., Wait Bradford, Abiel Abbott, and John Tomson.

This project has given me a deepened sense of gratitude toward individuals and their families for their sacrifices. I anticipate that you will also feel a level of gratitude and patriotism.



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